Sunday, April 6, 2014

Soon To Be Read . . .

Several fantastic books arrived this past week, all of them a result of an Amazon ordering frenzy I went on a few weeks back.  FOOTFALL by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle is the most recent arrival and the one that I'm looking forward to reading the most.  LUCIFER'S HAMMER, which I read a few weeks ago, was one of the best 'end of the world' novels I have ever read, so once I learned that the authors had also written one where aliens invade the planet, I knew had to have it.    

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Ear Necklace And Why I'm Still Nervous When Getting My Hair Cut

Was anyone else out there ever told something as a child that affected them in a way that went far beyond what their parents intended?  For me, several little statements stand out, all of which I have thought about when creating killers in my work (anyone remember my short story 'The Phone Call' and why that guy was doing what he was doing?).  Thankfully, unlike the characters in my stories and novels, the little statements I was told didn't twist things up in my mind to the point where I became a serial killer, but they did mess with my mind enough to still cause moments of concern as an adult.

The 'Ear Necklace' is a perfect example of this.  As a kid, my mom and grandmother were huge horror fans, so sometimes they couldn't help but allow horror themes to enter into their parenting moments (my brother and I spent a lot of time with my grandmother when my parents were working and going to school).  One such horror themed moment was used to keep me still when getting my haircut.  Simply put, my mother told me that the lady who cut my hair had an ear necklace made from the ears of wiggling children, which was then, to my shock, confirmed by the lady who cut my hair.  After that, I never squirmed again while getting my hair cut, and, too this day, am still pretty spooked while sitting down in one of those chairs.  In fact, I'm sometimes so apprehensive, that I don't like to talk at all, my mind totally focused on holding still and keeping an eye on where those scissors are going.  Naturally, this leads the ladies who cut my hair to think I'm kind of stuck up, which then led me to telling one of them about the necklace story.  To my horror, the lady chucked and said she was going to tell that to the next squirming kid who sat in her chair, which means another poor child will be scared shitless for the rest of his or her life while undergoing something that most people don't think much about.

So, anyone else ever told anything like this as a kid and, if so, does it still stick in your mind as an adult?    

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TEXT MESSAGE - The Movie - In Theaters April 2015

Keeping secrets is something I've never been good at, my excitement whenever good news is given to me something that I want to instantly share with everyone.  When it came to the movie rights for my novel TEXT MESSAGE, however, I somehow managed to keep my mouth shut for several months, even to my family, all because I wanted to wait and share the news with everyone once the first movie poster was revealed. And now that time has finally come.  You all have no idea how hard it was to sit and wait for this, especially during the fall while staying with my parents through the holidays.  Everyday I wanted to tell them, but couldn't, my mind knowing that if I did they would share it with other family members who would then share it with friends and so forth; like a zombie virus, soon everyone would be infected.  Even my poor brother, who has always been at my side through my writing endeavors, was kept in the dark, though, thankfully, I did have foreign right deals to tell him about during this period, which we celebrated.

Now, I did hint about the movie quite a bit on Facebook, various questions on which actors everyone would like to see for the different characters being posted every couple of weeks (not that I had any say in that really, but it was fun to speculate).  What was funny was that several would tell me that if I was making a movie from my writing why not do one for JIMMY, which is everyone's favorite novel.  This, of course, always led me to remind everyone that I'm not the one making the movie, and that unless the writer is someone like Stephen King, they really have very little say in things.  I also did point out, that while JIMMY is everyone's favorite, TEXT MESSAGE is the most cinematic of my writing, thus, would always be my first choice when it came to seeing the story unfold on the big screen.  Actually, any of my titles that a studio offered to buy the movie rights for would be my first choice, but as it turns out, TEXT MESSAGE was that one, so it was a win win situation.

Speaking of seeing one of my stories on the big screen, did I mentioned, TEXT MESSAGE is going to be a movie!  Sorry, been wanting to shout that for a while now.  Feels good.                      

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Next On My Reading List . . .

Given my love of virus themed stories, I'm not sure why I haven't actually read this one yet.  Slipped through the cracks somehow.  Now, however, I shall rectify that . . . after this virus I currently have passes.  I enjoy reading stories like this (and seeing movies that focus on such things -- Contagion is one of my all time favorites), but not when actually suffering through an ailment.  What's funny, is the book actually arrived in the mail just as my symptoms started to show themselves, ones that involved my going through an entire box of tissues while doing my morning writing.  The illness was also probably the reason why I went to bed at 8PM on a Friday, though at the time I had no idea why my exhaustion was so great.  Well, no, that's a lie.  I assumed it was due to getting up at 3:30 AM to do my writing that day.  Who knows, that probably played a part as well.  The fact that I had no desire to get my weekly Friday night sushi fix with friends after work should have been a clue as well that something was wrong.  

So, anyone out there read this one?  How was it?  Also, have any other virus-themed book suggestions for me.  If so, please share below.  Or, send me your thoughts on one as a guest post.       

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Four More Used Bookstore Horror Finds

Managed to find four more interesting looking horror titles while browsing the used bookstore the other day.  BLACK CHRISTMAS is the most intriguing of them in my opinion, though will probably be the last one of this group that I sit down with given that I want to wait until the Christmas season is upon us once again before reading it.  

Anyone read any of these?  If so, how were they?  If not, which one looks the most interesting to you?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Agent Mulder And Agent Scully Partnered Up Twenty Two Years Ago Today

Do you realize, in the world of THE X-FILES, it was exactly twenty-two years ago today when Agent Scully was reassigned to work alongside Agent Mulder on the X-Files.  The official reason for the reassignment by the FBI higher-ups was to bring scientific validity to the work Agent Mulder was doing, but everyone knows the real reason was because they hoped her scientific angle would help debunk and discredit Agent Mulder who was becoming an embarrassment to the government.  Little did they know, they had just taken the first steps in creating a pair of agents who would help to uncover the governments greatest secrets, a pair that became far more of a nightmare to the government than Agent Mulder had ever been while working alone.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just Finished LUCIFER'S HAMMER by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle and All I Can Say is Wow!

I'm not lying, WOW is really all I can say about this fantastic apocalyptic thriller.  It is, by far, one of the best novels I have ever read.  And when put into the category of  End of the World tales, I say LUCIFER'S HAMMER is right up there with THE STAND by Stephen King, which I have always considered to be the greatest apocalyptic novel ever.  Others may disagree, but that won't change how I feel -- unless they recommend something that does end up being better (and if there is something better out there, I'd love to read it because there is no greater pleasure in life than sitting down with a fantastic book).

Actually, I might just rank this one better than THE STAND, though I'm not fully sure on that given how long it has been since I read THE STAND.  So, until I revisit it, I can't say with absolute certainty which one is the better of the two.  Perhaps they will have to share that number one spot.

And now let me go back to the idea that there may be even better 'End of the World' reads out there.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  If so, please don't be shy.  Without a recommendation to read LUCIFER'S HAMMER, I would never have known about the novel's existence, which, given how great of a read it was, and how popular it apparently is, is quite shocking to me.  How could I, a person who reads several books a week, and who loves these types of novels, never before have come across this novel?  It doesn't make any sense, and now makes me wonder, what else have I been missing?  And not just in the 'End of the World' category of fiction?