Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween (1978) - Extra Scenes

Does anyone else out there remember several years ago when they would show Halloween on TV with the extra scenes in the beginning, the first one being where Dr. Loomis is trying to convince the doctors to move Michael into a more secure facility (I think, it’s been a while since I saw these extra scenes), and then the second one being the scene after Michael escapes and they find the word SISTER carved into the door? What did you think of these scenes? The first time I ever saw the movie was on TV in the mid 90’s so they were still including them, which, of course, led me to be a bit confused when I finally saw the film on VHS (I had bought the VHS tape used from Blockbuster and thought maybe the reason it had been $1.99 was due to the missing footage -- I was still pretty young). Later, however, I learned that these scenes had actually been shot during the filming of the second movie because everyone knew the original Halloween would need to be heavily edited for 80’s era TV audiences, and since they had just come up with the ‘Laurie is Michael’s sister’ idea they decided to include that in the new footage.

Normally I don’t like it when films are changed from the original vision of the director, but with this movie, since my first several viewings were with these scenes, I kind of associated them with the original version even though they aren’t and sometimes wish they were still there, the sudden jump from Michael standing outside with his parents in a clown costume holding a knife to the one with Dr. Loomis and the nurse heading to the mental institution in the rain catching me off guard. I also kind of like it that extra footage would be added rather than just cutting out a scene and filling the void with commercials to keep the time frame right, which is what most studios seem to do now, almost as if they don’t care how the movie is presented just as long as it is presented.

Anyway, anyone else like the movie with this footage added in? If so was it because you first saw the movie with this footage and thought it was part of the original film like me, or do you think it just adds another element to the story, one that isn’t really necessary, but still somewhat frightening -- seeing Michael just staring at the wall as a kid creeps me out for some reason.


coffeedrinkingpreacher said...

I like the added scenes. I caught bits and pieces of the tv version growing up. I watched the VHS version years ago and wondered if I missed something. I kept thinking there was more to it, but shrugged it off. It wasn't until maybe 2-3 years ago that I read about the added scenes. Are these scenes in the dvd release? I just bought a copy at wal-mart and cant wait to watch.

William Malmborg said...

You know what, I don't remember ever seeing the scenes in any of the DVD copies I own. They have come out with so many different DVD editions, however, that it may be on some of them. Anyone out there ever see them on one of the different DVD additions? If so please let us know.

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I like the added scenes. I also saw the film first in its broadcast television version. When I saw the theatrical release version I actually didn't like it as much. The version with the added footage just gave me way more of the creeps. It really made me feel like Michael was something slightly unhuman and the added footage was what did it. I don't think I'm being prudish but leaving out the obvious pandering and adding that footage makes it a better movie in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Also if anyone can find the footage on line it'd be great to know about it.

Anonymous said...

The added scenes are available on at least one version of the DVD, and not as extras - they are incorporated right into the film. I always found them unnecessary, but they are cool to see. Check out all the editions available on Amazon and you'll find it; it's noted right on the cover. -Mr. Satanism