Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Missed Call (2008)

Wow, looking at the reviews for this movie posted on message boards like IMDB one would get the idea that this was the worst movie ever made, yet for some reason I didn’t think it was as bad as people say, which is odd because I’m usually harsher than most when it comes to talking about crappy movies. Of course, I should quickly state that I didn’t think the movie was all that great either and wouldn’t recommend people spending more than a couple bucks on it, but I really don’t think it qualifies as the worst movie ever made. Furthermore, I would watch this movie again in a heartbeat if given the choice between it and some of the other ‘horror’ movie releases we have been forced to endure these last couple of years. Lesser of two evils sort of thing.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking, and I thought the same thing after watching this movie: it is just The Ring tweaked a bit with different characters and setting. True, but then is that alone reason enough to hate and dismiss this movie? I thought so at first, but then realized that all my favorite slasher movies -- movies that I know many in the horror community love -- also qualify as the same story being slightly tweaked with different characters and setting, so one can’t really dismiss the movie for that alone, which right away tosses out most of the bad reviews I read through, ones that really didn’t have much content beyond worst movie ever -- obviously they never saw Space Mutiny -- and just a copy of The Ring. Reviews like that just make me want to reach through the computer and, if I can find the little buggers, grab them by their ball sacks and demand a reason why the movie was the worst ever, a question which could easily be satisfied with an answer like it was the worst movie of all time because afterwards I didn’t even remember any of the characters names and don’t really think the idea of hearing ones own voice on a phone from a horrific future event is all that scary. Something like that would be fine, and pretty much right on the ball for this movie, which, like the statement above claims, didn’t really make you care all that much for the characters and instead just treated them like customers in a haunted house before Halloween that are moved forward through the eerie hallways toward little nooks where costumed actors pop out and scare them. That said, some of those scares were pretty startling, and, I must admit, the idea of why all of this was happening was a pretty intriguing to me, which in turn kept me watching. I also thought the reason behind the cell phone terror was more convincing than the reason behind the video tape call back seven days terror of The Ring (The Ring was a better movie though).

So, for those that haven’t seen this yet, what I wrote above is pretty much the plot. A group of college students are receiving calls from friends who recently passed away, only instead of their friends voice being on the other end, it is there own voice, usually shouting something before being cut off. Oh yeah, the calls are also listed as coming from the future, which later gets translated into marking the time the person is probably going to die. Naturally one of these characters tries to figure out why all this is happening and with the help of a detective who lost his sister a few weeks earlier to the same phenomenon, uncovers the source of the calls.

Like I said, the movie isn’t really all that great, but it isn’t the worst thing ever made either, and would be a good little flick to watch if all alone at night with nothing better to do, though only if one has already exhausted their supply of really good horror movies and needs a change. It also is a creepy little bastard that will get your heart racing a bit, similar to the way a movie like The Exorcism of Emily Rose spooks you. It isn’t scary and probably isn’t something you’ll lose sleep over, but it will get your blood flowing as different oddly constructed beings appear and disappear all around the main character, again, in a manner similar to the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose -- especially the scene in the beginning where the girl is running down the street in the middle of the night after the library closes, her mind seeing things that have no business being there.


Planet of Terror said...

You've just convinced me to give it a shot, if nothing else, it sounds fairly entertaining. I've seen this crapped on quite a bit.

Chris Hallock said...

You should watch Takashi Miike's original which was a parody of the typical asian ghost story and ended up being scarier than a lot of them.

William Malmborg said...

Yes, I plan on grabbing that one. I have a friend that lived in Japan for a long time and we were talking about that movie today. She said it was pretty good, and that they actually make three of them.

Carl (ILHM) said...

I tried giving it an honest shot, but it was just so tiring after seeing so many other J-Hororr and J-Remakes the last few years. I would even take the Shutter remake over this one..

William Malmborg said...

Maybe a part of my not finding this movie too bad is the fact that I haven't gotten to see many movies that last few years and really missed almost everything that came out until now.

Like I said, not a great movie, but not the worst I have ever seen.