Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Blurb by Victor Miller

The other day I came upon a horror author name from the eighties that I wanted to read while looking at a post on the Too Much Horror Fiction site. Most of the covers displayed in the post were of the erotic horror type, and while I searched those out on Amazon, it was this book I eventually found and decided to order. The title was The Desecration of Susan Browning by Russell Martin; the publisher being Playboy Paperbacks (horror novels were not something I ever connected with Playboy, but I guess everyone wanted a piece of the genre in the eighties given how hot horror was). Anyway, I didn’t really think about the book all that much, it was just another horror title I was ordering from Amazon, one that I would read and write about on my site. If entertaining more Russell Martin books would be ordered, if not, I would probably select a few other of the Playboy Paperback horror titles just to see what they were like and report on them here once finished. This changed when I finally got the book in the mail and took a look at the cover, the name Victor Miller jumping out at me right away. Anyone who is a fan of horror movies should recognize this name; he was, after all, the writer behind the Friday the 13th screenplay. Naturally this is noted on the cover, though with the word AUTHOR which I found odd since I’ve never before heard of a screenwriter being referred to as an author when talking about a movie they wrote. Oddity aside, I quickly became very interested in reading this book and had it not been for my having started the latest F. Paul Wilson Repairman Jack title The Dark at the End I would have begun reading it immediately. What horror fan wouldn’t? I’m also now interested in knowing if Victor Miller has written blurbs for any other horror books from this time period. Given how popular Friday the 13th became and how sellable Victor Miller’s name may have been because of it, I’m sure he was sent many titles to look at. Now it will just be a matter of finding them -- a task that isn’t away easy when looking at screen shots of covers unless they posted it right on the front of the edition I am looking at. Anyone out there ever see his name on any other titles? Also, anyone ever see his name as the author of any horror books. I’m sure I will know whether or not he wrote any with a quick search after posting this, but would still be interested in knowing if anyone has read any of them if such books exist.


Will Errickson said...

When I posted the cover for SUSAN BROWNING I was surprised to see Miller's name, b/c I'd *never* seen a blurb from him before, or even really a screenwriter blurb anywhere. His website bibliography shows he wrote several novels but none really sound like horror. Oddly it seems he was head writer on lots of popular TV soaps!

Will Errickson said...

Also I'd like to hear how that book is, as I'm interested in tracking down Martin's stuff.

William Malmborg said...

I think he wrote several made for TV movies as well, but I can't for the life remember the titles of them. I know I stumbled upon at least one last year and it wasn't too bad. I will certainly let you know how this book is. It's next in line on my reading list so hopefully by this time next week I should be finished with it.