Friday, January 6, 2012

JIMMY a Top Ten Read of 2011

Just a quick little update here to let everyone know that my novel JIMMY made the Top Ten Reads of 2011 list on the Ric's Reviews website. Needless to say I'm really happy and honored to see JIMMY on such a list. I also really enjoyed the review that was posted about JIMMY last fall. Like most authors I sent out several copies of JIMMY to bloggers and websites hoping to gather some feedback. Ric's Reviews was not one of those sites, however, simply because I never had seen it before. Instead I discovered the review one day when doing a Google search to see if anyone was saying anything about the book. Since then it has been a site I check every couple of days, and not only because they enjoyed my book. It is a great site, one that fans of movie and book review sites should visit often.


Ricky said...

Thanks for the kind words William. Jimmy had to make the list, it was such a fascinating book, while always remaining entertaining. Cheers!

William Malmborg said...

No problem. The kind words are much deserved. Now I just hope I can give you another book that will make a top ten list for next year, lol.