Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hanging From the Wrists Scenes That Jimmy Would Have Liked – No Retreat, No Surrender II

One of the more interesting requests I have gotten from readers in recent weeks was for a complete list of the movies that Jimmy Hawthorn had collected in the novel JIMMY prior to his kidnapping of the two girls.  Now, for those that have not read JIMMY, the story centers on a young man who, for most of his life, has had a fascination with seeing women hanging from their wrists.  Fearing what this fascination means in terms of his sanity, but also knowing he can’t shake it, Jimmy has kept it secret from everyone while also putting together a collection of scenes from movies and TV featuring the situation.  Sadly, by the his senior year in high school, the scenes are no longer enough, and he does eventually cross the line.

No Retreat, No Surrender II was one of the movies that Jimmy watched in his early days and collected scenes from.  If I remember correctly, he wasn’t exactly sure if the movie would have a scene that he was seeking when at the video store one night, but, given the description on the back, decided to rent it and see.  What followed was one of the greatest, most sexually fulfilling scenes he had ever come across – up until that time. 

Here are three video stills of those scenes.

Strung up in a jail cell

Hanging from wrists above pit of crocodiles

Being lowered into the crocodile pit
As you can imagine, this movie was a good find for Jimmy Hawthorn and kept him satisfied for quite some time.  It was also a good find for me back when I was contemplating writing this novel.  In those days searching the web for ‘hanging from the wrist scenes in movies’ was not very reliable, so, like Jimmy did in the book, I actually went from video store to video store renting movies and kept a list of the scenes I found.  I’d also carefully study the opening trailers on movies to see if any scenes like this popped up, and then would go rent the movie so I could add the scene to the collection Jimmy had.  Thankfully, my memory of having seen scenes like this in earlier years while watching various movies helped as well, though I did still have to spend money to rent the movie and make sure I had the right title.  It was an ambitious quest I found myself on, but one that I think has paid off. 

And now, for those of you who have not read the novel, but have found your interest piqued, you can find it here on Amazon.  For those interested in the movie depicted in this post it can be found here on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Hi William my name is Ronley and I am a big horror freak just like u!!! Im just wondering if your ebooks are available in paperbook as I dont have a ereader just yet!!! I would like to buy some!!!! Do u like Jack Ketchum? You need to read offseason its aboslutely awesome!!! also get into Shaun hutson I have been buying from Amazon as well but find the shipping too much!!!!! Im enjoying reading your reviews!!! thanks!!!

William Malmborg said...

My apologizes for the delay in replying to this, seems I no longer get email notification when a comment is posted so I had no idea about this one until I stumbled upon it. The answer to your question is yes, all my books are available in paperback as well as ebooks (Dark Harvest coming soon) and should be available anywhere that books are sold.