Monday, January 14, 2013

Can You Tell This Book Is Old?

I've come across several ads in books during my lifetime of reading, but this is the first time I've ever stumbled upon a cigarette one.  So much has changed since the printing of Dracula Returns! in 1973.  Take, for instance, the name Stephen King, which everyone, even non-readers and non-horror fans, would recognize today.  Back then he was teaching high school, the publication of Carrie still a year away.  1973 was also the year that the film rights for a novel about a shark terrorizing a small beach side community was bought and a young twenty six year old director named Steven Spielberg hired to direct it.  Let's see, we also have the release of The Exorcist that year, a movie which forever tarred the popularity of pea soup, and Deliverance, which made everyone realize that hearing banjo music in the woods is typically not a good sign.  Outside of the entertainment industry we have Roe vs Wade being decided upon by the Supreme Court, the World Trade Center being named the tallest building in the world, a peace treaty signed concerning the US involvement in Vietnam, the Bahamas gaining independence from Great Britain, the invention of the bar code, and the birth of Monica Lewinsky.           

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Kat Yares said...

Also my senior year of high school :) But yes, I remember those ads.