Monday, January 27, 2014

What's The Most Disturbing Episode of THE X-FILES? I say HOME from Season Four

Seriously, has anything else more disturbing ever been aired as a TV show during prime time?  Hell, has anything else ever been aired with the content and depictions that this episode displayed?  If so, I've never heard of it, and I love hearing about such things.  


It begins with three odd looking men burying a crying baby in the rain.

It then shows what that baby looks like during a tiny bathroom setting autopsy while also revealing that the baby displays signs of illnesses associated with inbreeding.

It then shows that someone who probably isn't fully right in the head is keeping an eye on things in the house.

It then shows what some of the other inbred family members look like, after they ruthlessly kill several characters viewers have grown to like.

And, finally, viewers learn that the eyes they saw beneath the bed belong to a mother, one who lost her arms and legs to a car accident and has to be fed through regurgitation from her sons.  Oh, and she has sex with them frequently in an attempt to produce more offspring.  

To this day, I still have trouble shaking the images my thirteen year old eyes saw as this episode unfolded, one that was latter banned from TV.  It is also one of the few episodes that I don't watch regularly and will often skip when going through an episode by episode replay through the entire series (well, up until Mulder leaves).  

Jesus!  Even after all these years the screenshot above that I managed to capture makes me want to piss my pants!


Tuzotonic said...

Home often gets mentioned when discussing the most disturbing episodes of any show. Like you,I am a huge X-Files fan. They never made an episode like it before or after.I enjoy Home but it always reminds me more of a Wrong Turn sequel than an X-Files episode.

William Malmborg said...

I agree. Home has a unique feel to it. Even without the disturbing content that far surpasses anything the show delivered before or after, something about this one seems to isolate it from the rest of the series. Not sure what it is, but it's certainly there.